This past week-end when I was grocery shopping I had to be careful to stay in my budget. Lot’s of times that meant not buying things I wanted. One of the things that I wanted this past week was some more cans of fruit. My children love canned fruit and as I walked through that aisle and saw the cans sitting on the shelf I wanted to buy some but knew that I could not afford it. So, the cans stayed on the shelf and I stayed in my budget. But I was a little sad. Now, we have plenty of food, but I just wanted extra treats, ya know? So, Yesterday my Grandmother stopped by with 3 boxes of food. My Grandmother is poor. She doesn’t have extra money, and she is the least likely of anyone I know to be bringing us food. But, she gets food from the food bank each month. She has gotten into the habit of blessing us with whatever she cannot use, which to me seems like everything they give her. So, this month what was the big thing in the boxes? Canned fruit. I was so excited and I remembered my desire. There were other things also, like Hunt’s Snackpack Puddings, which I NEVER buy because they are way to expensive. My children were so excited! God is so good, and you know the verse that says that He will give us the desires of our hearts? Well, He did! Even for that quick, unimportant sigh of a wish. Thank You, Lord!