Yesterday I took my sister to the doctor to get an epidural. She has a bulging disc in her back and has been unable to function because of the pain. The epidural is hopefully going to reduce the inflammation and help with the pain. We are all hoping it is successful, because it has been so hard on her to be stuck at home. We won’t know for a few days if it worked, so we wait. If you think of her, please remember her in your prayers for healing of this condition. The nice thing about taking her was that I got to spend some time with her that I really haven’t been able to lately.


I live out of the "big city", and we only have 1 grocery store in the town that I live in, so after I left my sister I went shopping. I didn’t really need anything, except maybe a few school supplies but I decided to stop and shop to cool off, because our car doesn’t have air conditioning. So, I stopped at Target. I slowly browsed through the school supplies only buying the items that were a SUPER price. I had such a nice time. Those of you with many children know what a treat it is to shop alone with no time constraints. I ended up coming out with 3 bags full for only $15 which made the trip a whole lot more fun.


Afterwards I came home and relaxed with my family for a bit before washing the dishes that they kindly left me to wash from their lunch. Then I made a nice dinner that my husband really enjoyed. It was such a nice day, and it was so simple.


My goal today is to start a family tradition of everyone helping with yard work on Saturday’s for at least 30 minutes. I have been the only one doing it, and the weeds are more than I can handle alone. So, I am putting on my drill seargent uniform and rallying my troops to yard work basic training today.


I haven’t lost any more, and am kind of discouraged. I am still at 185 from 187. I guess that is why Weight Watchers wants you to weigh only once per week. I guess I have learned my lesson, and I will only weigh myself on Mondays now.


I haven’t said anything to my dh, because I don’t think I really am, but I keep feeling like I got pregnant. It is silly, because it worked out this month that when I was fertile by the calendar, we were never in the mood. But I have been so tired lately. I fall asleep during the day with the children, I can’t help it, and at night I doze off on the couch when I normally should be still awake. I have 2 days until I should get my monthly and have had none of the normal signs. So, I guess my hormones are wacky this month, and confusing me. Since I lost the last baby, I haven’t been sure I wanted to have another, I have been afraid. But lately the desire is so strong and I get really sad when I think of not having another. But at the same time, I am trying to give it into the Lord’s hands whatever happens.


Well, enough rambles for today, I need to get up and exercise before my troops wake up. I don’t like to become the entertainment .