The ring that I wear on my finger to show I belong to my beloved, is not the kind you would normally see. I have a very inexpensive silver band that I bought at the Christian bookstore a while back for like $7.99. I do have a lovely wedding set, but I have grown out of it as I gained weight and never got it sized, because I was sure I was going to lose weight. My ring is special because engraved on it is 4GVN. When I am feeling discouraged over my inadequacies I just need to look at my ring to remember that Jesus died for that also, and I am FORGIVEN. Now I don’t know about you, but I am very far from perfect. I don’t mother my children perfectly, I am selfish, I don’t love my husband as I should, I don’t educate my children well enough…..the list could go on forever it seems. I do try, but I just always fall short. When I get to thinking about my failures, I need a reminder to turn me back to the Cross, this ring does that for me. So many times I will look down and remember, and then my heart is changed from wallowing in all of the failures of myself to the incredible grace and love that is Jesus. My heart becomes full of thankfulness and praise. So, even though I am losing weight and my wedding set will fit me again, I am not sure I want to trade the incredible blessing of my little plain ring. I think I will just downsize with the same type of ring when the time comes, because you know you can never have too many reminders of how beautiful our Saviour is.