Today was nice, the girls and I did lessons early again and it was so nice.

Chloe (5) is really doing well in the Rod & Staff grade 1 math. Chloe is about 2/3 of the way through MCP Plaid Phonics K, she likes it and it has really reinforced the letter sounds for her. I will start teaching her to blend the sounds when we are closer to the end of the book. Chloe is almost finished with her penmanship book, so I need to buy the next in the series.

Mara (4 in a few days) is really enjoying the ABC series from Rod & Staff and she is progressing nicely. She did make a mistake by not following instructions today resulting in black tulips, but after a chat we will follow directions better. I don’t know what she was thinking coloring a tulip black?! I will start teaching her the letter sounds soon. I will be starting her in the Handwriting Without Tears first book once she completes the first couple books in the series. My children really enjoy that penmanship program.

Brook (2 next month) decided she wanted to do "school" today with us, so I made her a "school book" with lined notebook paper and a 3-prong folder. She loved it! She scribbled in her book and brought it over for me to "correct". She was so happy. Then she brought it over to me and had me draw pictures for her that she would decorate in her special way. It was a really fun and special time.

The boys did their lessons cheerfully today, except for Noah (7) who seems to be in a dawdle mood. Elijah (10) and Moses (9) really are liking the Lifepacs for math and language arts, but they like them because they are so easy. When we switch to Rod & Staff there will be battles, and I am not looking forward to them. But, I need them to actually learn during their school time and not just breeze through stuff that isn’t really taught but is just busy work. I am sure that Lifepacs work for some really well, and the concept is great. But I think my boys need a little more explanation and practice than what they offer. Moses is really enjoying his greek course Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek, he is really leaning from it. Elijah is dragging with his Latin’s Not So Tough. I don’t think it is the program, he just doesn’t have a lot of drive. We are working on that.

I made books with blank paper for the girls and Noah and they had a blast drawing pictures in them. I believe that drawing practice stimulates their minds, strengthens their penmanship, and encourages their creativity. And it’s fun too!

I spent some time today looking at the Sonlight website. Several of the Momys use it and enjoy it. I think it is a great program and will be looking at it more. I was really thinking though that the book lists would be great for finding good books to accompany the subjects covered in the texts I have chosen to use this year. I couldn’t find the lists online anywhere, so I assume that you need to actually use the program to have the lists. Bummer for now.

Other than that we have just puttered around and done chores. The boys have played some video games, and the girls have pulled some weeds. I have been offering .05 per weed pulled and they figured that 20 weeds is $1. Now they can’t wait to go pull weeds, I just hope I can afford it!