Boy has it been a while since I was able to blog.  My computer died in December and only now has it been replaced.  Of course then I had to try to remember user names and passwords for several different places.  I am to paranoid to write them down, but I guess I might need to start since my memory has become so much worse all of a sudden.


While I was away I had several moments of introspection where I had some pretty good thoughts.  Of course these always happen while I am driving and can’t write them down.  But now I am back and hopefully I will be more productive.  My main blog has been at blogger, but I am still undecided as to which to keep.  Hmmm, it’s such a big decision you know.


Now that I do have a computer again I have to rebalance my life.  I had achieved a balance for the use of my time without a computer, and now I need to figure it out all over again.  The older boys want to use it and go online frequently and I am honestly being a bit selfish with it.  I would really prefer for them to have their own.  We’ll see.


Well, I need to get going and get back to school lessons with the children.  My lunch break is over.