I am going shopping today, but I am not shopping for boring dull things like food.  Nope, today I am shopping for some computer software and an SD card for my pda.  I don’t have to rush today or push heavy carts around the store knowing that I will have to go out the next day and do it again because we can’t fit all of our groceries in the car in one trip.  I may just even buy a digital camera and be able to post some pics of my beautiful children.


I am even thinking of asking my husband if I can sneak off to see a movie.  That new movie by Disney, Eight Below  looks pretty good and I could REALLY use a break.


So, I am really excited about being able to play today, and not having to work.  I may just browse the Christian bookstore, which is something I rarely get a chance to do.


I do have some "have to’s" to buy.  Things like copy paper and office supplies.  But I get really excited about going to office supply stores, so that will be fun.


So everyone have a great day!  I will share any insights I get (ha-ha) tommorrow.