Shopping yesterday was fun.  I took my youngest daughter who is two with me.  She needed some special mommy time.  We had a good time.  We went to the Christian bookstore where she got a cute teddy bear and I pre-ordered the new Veggie Tale dvd.  I also bought Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow.  I have started it, and look forward to doing the study.  Then we went to a thrift store where I got lots of great books, some of which I was going to spend LOTS of money on for homeschool this year.  Then we went to the office store and Costco.  I did not go and see a movie.  My sweetie needed mommy to much.  There is always dvd in the future.


You know it was so strange, but people kept saying hello to me and my little darling.  Normally when I have my older children with me, I just get ignored.  But yesterday people kept saying things like, "hi mama, hi baby".  It just struck me as funny.  I also thought that it’s funny how people automatically assume that if you only have one child with you it’s your first.  It is so funny when they ask that to watch their faces when I say no, my sixth.


Which reminds me of when I had my last baby.  When I had her, the hospitals had come up with yet another spiffy idea.  The idea was to have a set of how to be a parent films and make all new mothers watch them before leaving the hospital.  Even if you had given birth before they made you watch these films.  Well, when my nurses found out that she was my SIXTH they let me off.  Whew, was I glad.  What if there had been a test and I didn’t pass.


Well, now I need to go and read The Cat in the Hat, and Goldilocks to my 6 year old.  No great insights today or deep thoughts.  I am just kind of preoccupied school planning and the beauty of life right now.


Have a lovely night.