I am not Superwoman.  I am sure she is out there somewhere, but she is not me.  I want to be her, but I am not.  I realize I need to accept this and be who God made me to be.  Let me define who Superwoman is for you, so you know exactly who I am not.

  • She gets up early and faithfully studies her Bible and memorizes scripture.  She actually recalls the past verses she has memorized and can find them again when needed.
  • She serves her husband faithfully and lovingly and NEVER says she is too tired or groans at a request made right when she is heading to bed.
  • She has her children well disciplined, educated and organized, and she still has time to play with them and create happy warm memories.
  • Her home is maintained in a manner that would make any home magazine editor eager for some pictures, and the efficiency experts use her as an example of how to maintain an orderly life.
  • She prepares only highly nutritious food for her family, always from scratch.  And she always keeps her kitchen immacculate.
  • She keeps herself looking put together and physically fit.
  • She never ever skips school for the day because the house is in shambles and she is exhausted. 
  • Her beauty radiates from within, but is mirrored on the outside.
  • She is super frugal, her families name brand clothes were all purchased used dirt cheap. 

There are many other aspects to Superwoman, that come to me now and again.  And each of these I don’t measure up to.  The standards she has I cannot reach and I am weary of trying.  I need to let go of her and look to my Savior.  She has become what I look to to find out how I should spend my days.  She has become the one I look to to see how I am doing and measuring up.  This is not what Jesus wants for me.  I need to look to Jesus and the cross, not Superwoman. 


I must look to Jesus to mold me into who He wants me to be.  And He just might not want me to be a Martha, but a Mary.  Or perhaps one day He desires me to be Mary and another day Martha.  But how will I know if I am looking at my own ideal and not Him?


Of course each of the qualities of Superwoman are admirable, and I am sure that there is a Superwoman out there, probably many.  But the Lord hasn’t grown me into her.


So, goodbye Superwoman.  Hello again Jesus, make me who You will.  Even if it is far from my ideal Superwoman.