I really know how to pick pets.  I am a get your pet from the shelter kind of girl (although I secretly want a purebred yorkie).  So I go to the animal shelter and always come home with a "winner".  Its kind of a joke really. 


For instance, our cat is the most loving and beautiful creature out there.   But….he thinks that the children’s beds are the litter box.  So he lives outside, because I disagree with him on that.


We also have two dogs.  Actually they are both purebred animals that I got from the dog pound.  They are gentle and great with my kids.  But……they are both OLD.  I mean my most recent acquisition, a long-haired chihuahua, the vet hospital that spayed her gave the impression that she is so old she should just be put out of her misery.  But she is a sweetie, doesn’t bark or snip or yap.  I guess that’s because she is so busy SLEEPING.  Our other dog is a Samoyed, a beautiful dog.  Gentle, sweet and loving.  If he barks the pitch will make you cry out in pain, but he is a good dog.  He also is old.  He is so old now that he soils himself.  It is really bad.  I just ordered dog clippers so that hopefully if he has no fur on the backside of his body he won’t be able soil himself.


It’s kind of a joke in our home that I am the geriatric center for dogs.  When they are ready for retirement, just send them over, lol!  It’s a good thing horse and carriage days are over, or I would pick the oldest horse around.


I do love our dogs even if they aren’t perhaps the dogs others would choose.  And the children are learning to respect old age.  They have learned to be gentle and kind and patient (it takes a while for our old chihuahua to make it down the hallway).


And you know the Lord loves me even though I am not in tip top shape physically or spiritually.  So I guess demonstrating and teaching my children to love even the flawed, old and yes even ugly creatures is a very good thing.  It paints a picture to them of the possibility that God could and does love them, missing teeth, messy rooms, broken toys, tantrums and all.  Just like I do.


Have a wonderful day loving life with all it’s good, bad and ugly things in it!  (That includes dishes)