Some days I feel like I am spinning to many plates.  This was one of those weekends.  I had many "plates" that I had to get spinning because they had to be done and I had a hard time keeping them all going.  I ended up dropping some, and it makes me wonder why I put so many up?


So today I get to pick up the pieces of my fallen plates, put them back together and then add a few more.  Today’s plates include:

1.  A loveley floral plate called Laundry Catch-up

2.  A pretty blue and white china plate called Put the Kitchen Back in Order

3.  A beautiful and elegant plate called Devotions/Bible Study

4.  A bright and colorful plate with handprints called Lessons with the Children

5.  An ordinary white plate called School Preparations/Copies

6.  A dainty china plate called Let’s Get those Repair Calls Made


Then I of course have the normal plates spinning of chores, hygeine for all of us, meals, pet care, etc.


Ahhh, plate spinning is an art.  But it’s one that I can’t do alone, as seen yesterday with the plates that I dropped.  Plate spinning needs help from Someone that never drops anything and will catch my plates if they fall or give them a quick spin if I can’t get to them.  So as I begin my day with the spinning plate of devotions and bible study I know that the Lord will keep all of my other plates spinning as they should.  I can rest in Him, knowing that whatever plate He wants to keep going will be kept going today.  And really if it’s not what He wants, it’s really not that important, is it?


I hope you have a wonderful day spinning plates with the Savior today, I know I will.