This past weekend my sweet mother took me shopping for some new clothes.  My wardrobe has become more and more raggedy, but I refused to buy myself some new clothes until I lost a bit more weight.  So as moms will do she took the situation in her own hands, bought me a gift card and took me to the shop.


So off I was in the dressing room, trying on clothes which I haven’t done for years.  I can honestly say it wasn’t a fun experience.  Normally I don’t enjoy looking in the mirror at home, particularly when I am disrobed, but with the dressing room lighting, I just wanted to hide under a rock.  I switched clothes as fast as I could so I wouldn’t have to view what I have let my body become for very long.


Now, when I viewed myself in that lighting, I saw so many more flaws than I can see at home.  I saw bumps and ripples I didn’t know existed.  It revealed my true form, and it was a bit painful to see.  You have to have either a perfect body (is there such a thing) or nerves of steel to use a dressing room I think.


But later as I was thinking back on the trauma, I realized it was a good thing.  I let me see clearly my true trouble areas, that I normally can’t seem to see, or choose not to.  There was no hiding in there!


Then I thought about the Word, and how when I am out of the daily reading of the Word, I know some of my trouble spots, but I can’t really see clearly.  When I am reading the Word and keeping my eyes on Jesus, how clearly I can see the true trouble spots in my heart.  The deep down wickedness that needs to be brought to the light.  All the ugly, bumps and ripples of my soul, that I normally just pretend aren’t there are clearly revealed through God’s beautiful Word.  And I can see what I truly need to work on.  The Truth is revealed and I can’t deny it.


So, even though it was very traumatizing to go through this past weekend, I am so glad I did.  I now know that my upper thighs are a nightmare, and some regular and faithful exercise will really help set things right.  And as I study the Word, and see the deep ugliness of my soul I can see that a bit of spiritual exercis will really help to set things right.  The truth can be so painful and yet such a blessing.  So now off I go to read the Word, may the Lord reveal the Truth to my heart and show me the proper exercises to change the shape of my soul.


Have a wonderful day in the Lord!  Oh and in case you are wondering if I ended up with anything, I did!