I am blonde and have heard tons of blonde jokes.  I actually think they are quite funny, my favorite being this:


A neighbor looks over the fence at his blonde neighbor who is planting cheerios in the backyard.  He asks her what she is doing.  She replies, "I’m planting my doughnut seeds."  I love that one!


Anyway, I am not offended by blonde jokes.  But at times I think hearing so many has given me a complex.  Like yesterday for example.  The repair guy was here to fix my washer.  He opens the door to check it, and whoosh!  Out comes gallons of water.  The poor man!  And of course I run around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to deal with a couple inches of water all over my laundry room and kitchen floor.  Finally I remember the shop vac and bring it in.  We vacuum up the water till the thing is overflowing and then he dumps it.  We go to use it again and it won’t suck.  It turns out you have to take the filter off when you suck water!  Oops!  So we take the filter off and he sucks the water up for me.  But all the while this is happening, I am apologizing and feeling REALLY blonde.  I felt like the dumb blonde woman that fills her washer and then calls the repair guy!  I was beet red.  Well, I guess he has another blonde joke, lol!


In my defense though, I had drained the water out twice before.  And then the last time that my dh fiddled with it with my brother-in-law, I didn’t.  That was the important time it turns out.  Because whatever they did, messed up the fill switch.  So, now it needs a drain/pump fix and a fill switch fix.  Ahhh, the joys of domestic life.


Anyway, life goes on, somehow my machine will get fixed.  And I have certainly given this repair guy a vivid memory!Someday soon this will be me!