Today, my oldest son and I were going to have a hot date.  We were going to see that movie that I want to see, Eight Below, and it was going to be fun.  Well, this is what is preventing us from doing that today:


The highway into town has chain and snow tire requirements.  So today will be a different adventure.  We are going to take a walk as a family today.  I just love a walk in the snow.  The children will have their hot cocoa and I think I will bake some bread and crochet.  Along with my normal chores, of course.


My wonderful husband and I have been talking, and we have decided that we will all be going on the raw food diet, not just me.  He has some health issues that we hope it will correct (as do I) and my children really need to learn to eat better.  I don’t want them to struggle with food the way that I do.  So as soon as we have eaten up our current supply of food, we will be buying only raw and we will switch.


I did find a local International Market, and we have a Wild Oats.  These are a bit of a drive away, but I think it will be worth it.  I would like to go ahead and buy a juicer and dehydrator, because so many of the recipes in Rejuvenate Your Life, use those things, oh, and the veggie spiral thingy.  But my wonderful man and I still need to talk about it.  I want him to read through the book before he makes his decision, so I guess I will put it in the bathroom.


Well, I need to turn the furnace down and get some school work done before our fun adventures begin for the day.


Have a blessed day in the Lord!