Yesterday because of the snow my sweet son and I stayed home.  We took a walk and I finished one of the spelling books I was making, YAY! 


Then at 3:00 I got a call from the shop that was fixing our van.  It only had a leak and they fixed the leak in the transmission.  It was ready, did I want to come and get it?  Of course I said yes, I didn’t want to wait until next week.  So I got in our little Tracker and drove to my sister’s house to leave my car there, this is about 45 miles away.  She drove me to the shop.


I pay and get in the van.  The van starts and my sister drives off.  I notice a light on the dash and go back inside to ask about it.  They really don’t know but suggest an oil change.  So off I go back to my van.  In my van again, I try to start it.  Nothing.  So back in I go.  They jump me and I am off.  A quick peek at the gas gauge reveals another problem, no gas.  So I ponder how to get gas without turning off the van.  At the same time I try to figure out which side to put the gas in.  Finally I realize I need to buy a new battery, so I stop at a Pep Boys.  The guy tells me it’s a 3 hour wait.  It’s about 5:00 now, and I don’t want to wait.  So, I decide to just buy the battery and take my chances that the van will start.  But I call my sister to have her pray. 


It turns out her husband was home from work, and he came and replaced the battery for me.  I was very thankful, and humbled.  And I decided that I need to learn how to do this stuff (although I can barely lift a battery and carrying one would really take a divine intervention for me).  So finally I am on my way to the gas station, it’s about 6:30 now.  I fumble around in my purse to pay for the gas (my hands were so cold they wouldn’t work).  Then the pump I chose kept shutting off.  So I got just enough gas and headed home.


Yesterday was a bit more fun than I wanted.  But I got to practice several things.  Patience, humility and faith.  I had to be patient with every new little irritation that came my way.  I was humbled as I had to find help.  And I had to trust that my Lord would help me through it.  So I was tested in the fruit of the Spirit yesterday.  I discovered, that I was patient through it, but I have a bit too much pride as I was very uncomfortable asking for help.  And I need to learn to rest in my Lord no matter what happens.  I was very nervous as it was happening.  So these times in life really are for our good.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28