Today I have no idea what to write about.  I just don’t feel inspired.  Maybe it’s because my oldest boys are sick.  Or maybe it is because I am feeling behind on my school prep.  So, I guess I will just ramble on about nothing much.


I just made some of the mayonnaise from the Rejuvenate Your Life cookbook (or should I say UNcookbook).  It came out really flavorful and kind of runny.  So next time I will add less water and garlic I think.  I am planning on making some Creamy Cabbage today and hopefully some Thousand Island Dressing.  We’ll see, I have a lot of school stuff to catch up on.


I also need to finish drying and putting away this weeks laundry that I washed at the laundromat yesterday.  Boy have I built up my biceps toting that stuff back and forth, lol!  I need to scour the laundry room and kitchen before the repair guy comes back this week.  Oh please pray that it is only the pump and that replacing it fixes the water fill problem too.  If its the control panel, then we are just going to buy a new set, because it also will need a hose replaced shortly, which because of the location is a costly job.  Between the prices of the control panel and the hose repair it would be better to get a new set with a new warranty.  Although I will kick myself that I spent any money on this one to fix it at all.


Well, I need to get back to my school work (why do the children just have their lessons to do and then they are finished, but I seem to always be working on something school related?)


Have a great day serving the Lord today!