I had meant to do reviews of TEACH Magazine, but my computer melted and I couldn’t afford to replace it.  When I finally was able to buy a new one, my magazine was no where to be found.  I felt like I was losing my mind.  I mean I always keep my magazines on the bookshelf in the living room, but it wasn’t there. So after looking high and low, I gave up.  Although I felt like a failure and a flake for not being able to find it.  Well, I was reorganizing one of my bookshelves and I found it.  It was laying flat underneath our set of encyclopedias.  No wonder I couldn’t find it!


So, on to my review (finally).


First of all the magazine is printed on very nice paper, glossy and thick.  It feels nice in your hands.  It’s colorful and pleasing to look at.


On my issue when you open the front cover there is a section called "Letters From Lorrie’s Laundry Room".  This section is where Lorrie, who began Teach magazine I believe, shares something that is on her heart.  She begins by talking about patience (something I lack), and then she shares some family news, hurricane survivor updates and news about the magazine.


Moving along the next sections is titled "Joy In the Kitchen", and it of course has recipes!  The recipe in my issue is a 3-in-1 Christmas cookie dough recipe.  It looks really yummy, but I got my issue after Christmas and am now trying get those holiday pounds off, lol!


Next is a section called "Marmee’s Musings".  And this is also about patience, written by Martha Greene.  Lord are you trying to tell me something?  The article is a beautiful picture comparing our growth in patience to the making of the gown we where.  Do we want an ugly gown or a beautiful one?


The next section is called, "Attacking Your Heart".  The article is titled Bearing With Our Puzzling Pupils.  It was a blessing to me to pray and be more sensitive to the Lord’s leading as to how to teach each of my individual children.  They are all unique and special and so should  be the way I teach them.


The next section is on homemaking and organization.  It is a super encouraging article about focusing on your home and keeping balanced priorities.  It was a real blessing to my heart to keep focused on my home.


The next section is product reviews.  Where many different products have been reviewed.  I don’t know about you, but I just love product reviews.  I have spent many pleasant times in the tub reading the Rainbow Resource catalog reviews in the tub.


Okay, so far I am up to page 9.  This magazine has a lot to offer.  Now, I will continue my review tomorrow, because my darling 2 year old wants her mommy.


Here she is trying to watch Pride and Prejudice:



I think I will have her help me clean the kitchen floors, she loves to help!


Have a great day rejoicing in the Lord!