Okay, yesterday we left off on page 9.  So today we'll start with page 10.


Page 10 has a lovely article about hosting a peppermint tea.  I don't like tea, but the craft ideas are cute and someday I might host a peppermint “cocoa” with my girls, so I will keep this for the great craft and menu ideas.  Right after the tea article there is a poem called What Shall We Give the Children?  Very lovely.


Then there is a section called Einstein At Home.  This one is titled “Living Water” and it is all about water.


The next section is called Organized Chaos.  It is written by Marybeth Whalen who will share tips on how to corral the chaos in our homeschooling homes.  This issue is apparently the first in a series by her, because it is her introduction.


The next article is called Praying Urgently, While Waiting Patiently.  It is a very moving story about a 3 year old child that get deathly ill and the struggle that goes with that.  I cried, I have to admit.  It was very well written and caused me to really think.


I LOVED the next article.  It was called, “If You're Missing Baby Jesus, Call 7162”.  This was a story about a family that helped another in need and I cried so hard.  It really moved me and made me think about how willing I am to help those less fortunate.


The next article was really good, by Maggie Hogan, titled, “How NOT to Parent”.  It gives in a somewhat humorous way tips on what not to do with the reality of what you really should do included.  A great reminder to all of us particularly me, as I am one that easily gets off track.


The next two pages are a paid advertisement for Debi Pearls book, Created to Be His Help Meet.


Then moving on, we have an article about tragedies, called Tragedies Happen.  Then we have the story of the Candy Maker's Witness and A Christmas Alphabet.  Both very encourageing for the holiday season.


Next we have a section on teens called, “In Be 'teen Times”.  I have to admit I don't have teens yet, so I just skimmed it.


The next page is the poem Twas the Night Before Jesus Came, always convicting.  And on the same page a story about russian orphans.  This one REALLY made me cry.  The children always wonder why mommy is crying, and then I get to explain it to them.  So I guess it is a TEACHing oppurtunity, ha, ha!


The next one is about sharing Jesus.  The article deals with those unbelievers that hurt us, and how we can shine Jesus love to them by blessing them back.  Excellent article.


And on the opposite page, is an article written by a woman with health issues.  It is about her questions and acceptance that the Lord would allow a mother of many to suffer this way and not be able to care for her children.


I'm going to wrap it up for today.  I have much to do today and am a bit flustered.  So I will continue my walk through tomorrow.


Have a wonderful day today and don't be flustered as I am.