Today the children and I are going to go and spend the day with my sister.  I am really looking forward to it.  I haven’t been able to spend any time with her because my husband hasn’t wanted me to be away.  But he said I can go today while he is at work.  So while daddy sweats and works hard, we are going to play.  I feel just a tiny bit guilty.


The sun is just now beginning to rise and most of my children are still sleeping.  The only one awake is my darling Brook.  She is so sweet, and yesterday she surprised me by going potty on the toilet!  That made my day, lol!  And then she loaded the dishwasher with just a little guidance from me, I was very impressed.  And then this morning she helped me to unload it.  She is an amazing little girl if I do say so myself (I may be biased though).


Well, I had better get to tidying the house.  We need to have it picked up so we don’t come home to a dirty house which is absolutely NO fun.


Have a wonderful day today!  Find something fun to do and don’t even feel guilty for doing it, lol!