Okay, here is the final part to my review of TEACH magazine.


Now we are on page 26, and this page contains a story and a poem.  The story is about a man that won’t attend church with his family because he doesn’t really believe.  The truth is revealed to him when he tries to save some birds from a storm.  It was an excellent story. 


The next page holds a short article by Lorrie Flem about bragging and boasting.


The next page holds an article by Cindy Rushton that I really enjoyed. The page opposite, has an article about quality in our children’s work by Vicki Caruana.


The next page has a section with listing for free helps.  I like this section, lol!  The following page has an article by Cory Lisk about children getting married.


The next two pages are letters from the readers, and they are so nice to read.  The next few pages contain items that are sold by the Flems.  They carry some great things, oh for some extra money to drop from heaven.


Then the last page of my magazine shares the current promotion for the magazine.  I really like the treasure chest.  The treasure chest is a group of items that you recieve for subscribing, many are excellent and I would love to have them.


I really enjoyed my magazine.  And as I get a balance in my homeschooling budget envelope I am going to subscribe to it myself.  I have wanted to ever since I recieved my copy, but you know how it goes.  You have to decide if you want the math curriculum or an encourageing magazine for mom.  Hmmm, tough decision.


Well, now I have shown you what a wonderful magazine this is.  So when you have a bit extra in your homeschooling budget you can subscribe and be blessed too!