Yesterday, we had so much fun at my sister’s house.  The children played with their cousin, and my sister and I sat and visited.  We even got into a small argument that brought back childhood memories, lol!  I over ate though and didn’t get any water, so I will pay for that when I step on the scale tomorrow.


Also yesterday, the rest of my homeschool order came in.  And my Sue Gregg cookbooks and Rod and Staff order came too.  I felt like it was Christmas!  The box on the homeschool order was ripped open, but everything was there, and nothing was damaged.  The children saw some of the fun stuff I ordered for school and said we should do those things today.  I don’t think so.


The part finally came in for my washer and so the repair man is coming today.  I hope this fixes it and I can wash my laundry now at home.  The washer is also having a fill problem, it keeps letting water trickle in all the time very slowly.  I am not going to have that fixed, because it is the control panel, and I can’t afford to spend another $400 for the part and labor on that.  So sweet hubby and I decided we will save the money ($60-$80 a month) that we have been spending at the laundromat for a new washer/dryer set.  That way when this washer breaks again, and I know it will we will have money set aside for a replacement.


So today we are taking off of school again so I can get the laundry room spic n span clean for the nice gentleman that will be working in there and I need to get all my new school books organized and put away.  And then I get to run load after load of bleach through my machine to try to clean out the mold. 


Tonight’s dinner will be Hashbrown soup and I am thinking of making a nice pan bread to go with it. 


Enough ramblings for today.  I need to my bible read and enjoy the quiet solitude before the crowd wakes and the noise level increases dramatically.


Have a blessed day!