My washer won’t be fixed for another week!  I am so sad, it needs to have a valve replaced that isn’t a common one and so it had to be ordered.  The nice man gently pointed out that he understands the facination of a washer with all the bells and whistles, but it is simpler and less expensive to fix a simple machine.  I originally bought my machine for energy efficiency and size.  Oh and because of cloth diapers I really wanted the sanitize cycle.  But I think I have learned better now.  The next machine I buy will be a simple, straight forward washer.  Even I think just a standard top loader, gasp!  I love my front loader, for many reasons, but I just don’t think I want to buy expensive washers anymore.  We seem to just wear them out with our laundry volume.


My sweet husband is off today, and I am going to try to talk him into going to the park with the children and I.  The children would love to have daddy there with them.  Hopefully he says yes. 


Well my darling Miss Brook is awake now, so I need to snuggle and cuddle her.


Have a wonderful day and give your children some extra cuddles today!