How can I be confidant and yet not at the same time?  I mean I second guess myself on most everything, except the big stuff. 


I don’t doubt that Jesus is my Savior.

I don’t worry that I shouldn’t be homeschooling.

I never think I married the wrong man.


But on the little daily things in life I lack any confidence.  I second guess my decisions, and if I am shown a different way to do something, my first response is that I have been doing it wrong.  After a bit of thought I can ususally logically figure if I am really wrong or not, but I sometimes feel like a dog cowering. 


I don’t want to live this way.  I want to live my life confidantly.  And even if I am wrong, I want to correct my course and move on.  But without any of the weird feelings that I usually get.


So this week I am going to practice.  If I think I may be wrong about something, I will immediately turn to Jesus in prayer.  If I am wrong I will repent, correct my course and then praise Him for showing me.  Instead of wallowing in failure, I will rejoice in the goodness of Jesus.  That should work, don’t you think?