I made Century books for my our homeschool.  I took ideas from 3 different places to make ours. 

This is the cover, pretty plain, but lots of space for each child to personalize.



Each 100 years is a two page spread like this:



From AD to present there is an extra 3/4 page between each 100 year spread, like this:



We will be using these timeline figures for our books:



I have also made a wall timeline, and here it is:



The timeline is in our hallway, it is the only place we have room.


Here are the links to where I found my information to make my books:


Home School in the Woods – This is where I bought the figures and I am following the colors she suggests.


Donna Young’s Website – This is where I found the idea to add extra 3/4 pages.


Simply Charlotte Mason – This is where I downloaded my template, I then used permanent colored markers, to color code the lines.


I printed all of the pages on cardstock, so that they would be really durable.  I then bound them with a comb binding.  I have a binding machine, so it just took time and no real money to do this.  I don’t think it is very much to have it bound at a copy shop though. 


The timeline in the hallway I made with white wallboard (like what you would use in a bathroom), and for the lines I used colored electrical tape.  This way our timeline can be moved if we need to.


I look forward to filling these books up with the children!