Yesterday we went to the park after breakfast, but before school.  We had a lot of fun and I huffed and puffed all over the place.  I was actually getting a bit discouraged about how out of shape I am until I used these (this shows my handsome son Moses on them):



If you have ever used these when out of shape, they are much harder than they look.  Last year this time when we went to this same park, I couldn’t do them and it was embarrassing.  Well, yesterday just out of curiosity of got on them and did them!  They didn’t seem nearly as hard as last year!  I have made some progress in my fitness level!  Yay!  Even though it has been so slow it seems like I haven’t made any progress at all, I have.  I am so encouraged now.


So my loss of 24 pounds (it was 27, but I gained 3 back) and exercise has paid off.


So now I am ready to drop the 34 pounds that I need to get rid of still and it might take me two years, but I know that with slow and steady progress, I will reach my goal!


So if you are struggling with your weight and fitness today, don’t give up.  I know you can do it too!