My washer is fixed!  After 4 long months of going to the laundromat, my washer is fixed.  And it works better, the clothes are practically dry now from the spin, and they weren’t before because of a fill problem.  So now this is me .  I even have that happy grin on my face! 


But going without a washer taught me several things.  First to be thankful for what I have.  Second to be thankful even when we don’t have.  And lastly patience, but I still need some work on that one.  I also built up some nice biceps carting the laundry from home and back, especially since I would bring it home wet and spend the next day and a half drying it at home.


I have been learning new things in the kitchen about nutrition.  Right now I am learning to sprout my grain and dry it.  Then to mill it and use it in my recipes.  Or to use the 2 step process.  I have a loaf of bread rising and it is looking pretty good, so we will see how it will turn out.  I used the two step process on it, and it hasn’t been too hard.  So hopefully the loaf turns out well and I can just make it part of my daily schedule.  I don’t really like homemade bread after it has set for a few days, so I think I will just bake it daily.  But we’ll see, the best laid plans sometimes just don’t work (at least for me).


Well, I’m off now to match up my nice clean socks.  What fun, eh?