Today has been run, run, run.  I am tired.  I was out shopping trying really hard to find healthy food in the city that I can afford.  I had to go to several different stores and it was discouraging to see that certain things just aren’t available in my part of the world.  And it was also a bit discouraging to see that most healthy food items cost a whole lot and are packaged in very small containers.  I did eventually succeed in getting most everything on my list except the raw cashews I needed, the store was out of those. 


But on the way home from my last stop, I wanted to cry.  I was so tired, and all I could think of was all I have to do.  In my exhaustion, just the thought of cooking dinner was sending me over the edge.  I started to think it was to hard, that I couldn’t do it.  I was feeling like eating healthy was just going to be to much work for our family.  And when I walked in the door, my face must have been a window into my heart.  My sweet husband asked me what was wrong and he seemed really worried about me.


But as I worked with the children to put the groceries away and to get dinner going.  The Lord brought to mind His promises to my heart.  Particularly the one I have as the avatar on my blog. 


       but those who hope in the LORD
       will renew their strength.
       They will soar on wings like eagles;
       they will run and not grow weary,
       they will walk and not be faint.

       Isaiah 40:31


I was reminded that I needed to put my hope in the Lord, and not in my own strength.  And when I do so He will renew my strength, and I will soar.  And as I turned my eyes to Him, that is exactly what happened.  My strength was renewed and my do list got a few more check marks on it.  I can’t say it was done, because I don’t think any of us mothers really ever get it all done, I don’t anyway.  But progress was made and my joy was restored.  I am still tired, but I am at peace with my world.


God is so good!