Now that my washer is fixed, I am using cloth diapers again.  I only have like 10 of my favorite fitted diapers and my flats I sacrificed to cleaning while the washer was down so I needed a few more dipes.


These are the ones I wanted, motherease os.  But a quick peek into the checking account revealed that it wasn’t an option.  So I had to get creative.  This is what I did.  I have four diaper covers that fit.  I bought a package of 48 shop towels and some diaper pins and I am in business for under $15.  If I had to buy the diaper covers it would have been about $40.


Here is a picture of how I am laying them out for my 2 year old daughter:

(I am using two towels, one fold in quarters layed down the center of one layed out flat).



Here is how I fold them next (with my cutie pie):

(Please excuse the yucky wall, a paint job is on my do list and we can acutally afford it this year, yay!)



Then I just lay baby in it and pin on each side. 

It’s working great and I’m glad I did it.  No leaks at all at night time.  But if I had loads of money, I think I would buy the other ones, lol!  Because snaps are so much easier.  See what a lazy woman I can be.


So if money is tight, give this a try.  It works really well and you will save a bundle.