I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging much, I have just been so busy.  This past weekend was really busy and this week looks to be the same.  Things are going pretty good, but busy.


I am retaining a ton of water, I stepped on the scale and it said 171.  At least I know it is all water, but I want it out.  So my main goal this week is to get that water out!!!  I am getting so desperate, I have even considered a water pill.  And that is something I never thought I would do.


My next goal is to finish some of the projects that I have going.  And I really need to get a MOTH schedule written up again.  I have been kind of flailing lately and things just aren’t getting done very well.  And I would like to finish reading Managers of Their Chores this week so I can get started putting it all together.


I am also, working on next year’s lesson plans.  I am planning each child’s lessons for the next school year.  I am doing it in a unique way, so when I finish, I will share my method and hopefully some pictures of it.


Well, with all I have to do this week, I had better get doing it, lol!