A fellow Momys is living a nightmare right now.  My heart is broken for her and I can’t seem to stop weeping.  Her name is Stefani, and her husband is in bad shape with cancer right now.  It looks like he has hours, days or weeks to live.  They aren’t sure.  It has been a long battle for this family that you can read about here:  http://www.caringbridge.org/cb/inputSiteName.do?method=search&siteName=jeffschultz


Currently he has several tumors in his gut, and has recently had surgery, but there are to many to remove.  The only hope for this man is miraculous healing from our Lord and Savior. 


Please pray with me, the Jesus would wrap his loving arms around this family.  And please plead with the Father with me for a miracle for this man.  The Lord can do anything, please pray with me that He would intervene in the family’s life and work a miracle.


Thank you so much for your prayers.