Have you ever noticed how we believer’s ask this question to each other?  We say "hi" and the formalities and then ask, "So, what’s God been doing in your life?".  Big question, and not always easy to answer.  I always admire those that can just rattle off an answer to that question.  I never could.  It is just to big of a question for me.  I can say what I think He is doing.  But I can be totally off base.  Maybe He is working in a totally different area of my life. 


Recently I used an example of my fitness level to show how I felt my growth in the Lord is.  Sometimes I can’t see anything, but when it’s needed it’s there.  So when asked what the Lord is doing in my life, I may respond with what I am working on overcoming, but not neccessarily what the Lord is working in me.


Right now, I can say that the Lord is working on diligence with me.  That is what I am focusing on in my life.  But is that truly what the Lord is doing in my life?  I know He is working, and molding me to be like Him, but I can’t really say what He is doing.  He is molding me, breaking me and then picking me up and fixing me.  But sometimes I am so dense I don’t even know what He is doing, perhaps that is why I seem to have to repeat the same lessons over and over again.  But in faith, I know that my Father won’t give up.  He will complete what He has begun in me


So, what’s God doing in your life?