Yes, that is my copy.  I have already got it creased and dog-eared, lol!  This issue has really blessed me.


The first article that really encouraged my heart was "True Beauty Is Inside Out".  My appearance is something I continually struggle with, so this article was perfect for where my heart is right now.  I don’t spend a lot of time on my appearance, but I worry about my size and the new wrinkles creeping up much more than I should.


There are several articles about how to get it all done, which share the daily schedule of homeschool families.  This was an encouragement to me, and it helped me think of a more efficient way to schedule our days.


There is a wonderful article by Jana Peterson called "God Blesses This House, But He Doesn’t Clean It".  This article really blessed me.  I am not going to use the idea as suggested, but it did give me an idea for encouraging a cheerful attitude during school.  I am going to have two jars full of marbles.  One jar contains our marbles supply and the other jar will be decorated.  Each day that a child does school well, he or she can put a marble in the jar.  When the jar is full, we will do something fun as a family.  I am going to try to get different color marbles, so each child can have a different color.  This will tell me at a glance who is really earning these rewards, and who is slacking.  Someone that consistently slacks, will not get to enjoy the reward with us.


Also, this month’s free section contained some really great links.  For typing tutor’s and full texts of literary masterpieces.  Very cool.


The Teaching Tools section is there store.  It has so many great things in it, I would love to be able to just shop and shop, lol!


And it has the information about the retreat coming up in May that I would love to attend.  But won’t be able to make this year.  Maybe next year, if the Lord allows.


I have really enjoyed this issue and still have many more articles to read in depth.  That’s one of the things I love about this magazine, it takes me more than one sitting to absorb it.

If you are interested in subscribing to TEACH please click the link and check out the website.  It’s a great magazine.