If you ask a mom for milk,


She’ll go to the cupboard to get a glass,


Opening the cupboard will remind her to unload the dishwasher,


Unloading the dishwasher will remind her to thaw something for dinner,


Going to the fridge for something to thaw will remind her she was getting some milk,


Putting the milk away she will notice that the fridge needs a good cleaning,


She will go to get a clean rag to clean the shelves with,


Getting a rag will remind her to put the laundry in the dryer,


While in the laundry room she will notice the floor needs some attention,


When she goes to get the mop that was left in the bathroom,


She will notice the toilet is clogged,


After she plunges the toilet she will scrub the toilet really well,


She will grab the mop and head back to the laundry room,


On her way she will pick up two shoes, one ball and three legos,


She will take a detour to put those items away,


After she puts them away she has forgotten what she was going to do,


She stands there wondering when,


She is asked for a glass of milk,


When she goes to the cupboard to get a glass……



And so goes a typical day of motherhood.