I live in a dumpy house.  There I said it, it’s out.  I feel much better now that that is out in the open.


Right now I know you are thinking, "how can she say that!  That isn’t a very good attitude, what an ungreatful heart!".  But just to let you know I am not ungrateful at all, having a house is more than I ever imagined having period.  So even a dumpy one is a real blessing.  I am just stating a fact.  It’s dumpy.


It needs a lot of work, and I never seem to have any money to get any of the work done.  For example, our back yard.  Currently we need to finish repairing our fence which means I have to buy 60 line feet of boards to do so.  I never seem to have the $150 to buy the boards.  Also, I have planted a lawn in that yard more times than I care to remember, and each time it dies.  I have improved the soil, watered even done the plug thing so the soil doesn’t compact the roots.  It just dies.  All the neighbors say we have to do sod or it will die.  I can’t afford sod.  So another year of seed it will be for me.  Also many people have lovely bushes and flowers, I never seem to have the money to buy the flowers either. 


Inside the house it’s the same story.  The entire inside needs to be painted, but I haven’t been able to afford the paint.  Everything is piled in closets and on shelves because I can’t afford bins to organize things.  For years I have fought this battle with trying to make things nice in my home with no money, but finally gave up discouraged.  But somehow the Lord has renewed me for the battle this year and I am ready to give it another go. 


Recently I posted pics of some of the crafts I have done.  You are probably thinking that if I have money to do that stuff I have money to paint the hallway.  You are right and wrong, lol!  First yes, I did spend money on the fabric and notions.  But not all at once, it was $10 here, $5 there until I had what I needed to make my projects and many items I had left over from past projects.  So yes, I spent money that I could have spent on paint etc.   But at the same time in my defense sewing or crafts is my therapy.  It allows me to start something, finish it and SEE RESULTS.  Many times in my daily life with housework, I don’t see results, because things are undone so quickly after I finish something.  And honestly I did spend some money on craft supplies this past week that could have gone towards needs.  Sometimes I am plain foolish and selfish, I am sorry to say.


Currently my dilemma is, do I buy larger size diaper covers for my sweetie or a bag of grass seed?  I haven’t decided yet, I think I’m leaning towards the diaper covers though.

(Since I composed this, I went ahead and bought the diaper covers, lol)


But so far none of this has anything to do with being happy in a dumpy house, does it?

Well, I am happy for the most part in my dumpy house.  Because my happiness is not based on material things.  My joy is made complete in Christ Jesus and having a dumpy house cannot even dim the incredible beauty of what He has done for me.  And compared to many I have so many blessings, and I live in a palace.  I have shelter, food, clothing and even fun things, what could I possibly complain about?  The Lord has given me a wonderful husband, and six beautiful children.  I am truly blessed even in a dumpy house.


So the secret to being happy in a dumpy house is to count your blessings.  Try to change the things you can change and improve, but don’t spend your life worrying and fretting that it isn’t good enough and what will people think?  Life is to short and we need to rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS not just when we have all we think we want.  So that is the secret to being happy in a dumpy house.


I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.  I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  Philippians 4:12