I wrote these two stories today.


The first is written to a woman’s heart:


One day a woman walked into a flower shop.  She came upon a plant in a pot with this sign on it, “If you can make me bloom, you can take me home”.  Well the plant was attractive and it seemed like a challenge, so the woman spent a lot of time working with that plant.  Caring for it and cultivating it.  Finally the plant bloomed for her.  She was so excited and took her beautiful plant home.  She was very faithful in caring for her plant at first and kept it blooming.  But slowly she spent less and less time caring for the plant.  One day after a couple weeks she looked over at her plant and was shocked by what she saw.  Her beautiful plant, with the gorgeous blooms was wilted and brown. She was so sad, that something so precious, rare and beautiful was being ruined.  Because she valued the plant she started to work on cultivating it again and spent much time with the plant.  Finally it was healthy again and bloomed radiantly for her. She was thrilled and was faithful to keep her plant happy from then on.  She felt privileged to have something so beautiful that brought so many comments from others.


This next one is the same thing pretty much, but for a man:


One day a man drove by a garage and saw a small car with this sign on it, “If you can fix me, you can have me”.  The man loved a challenge and the car was a good make, so he decided to try to fix it.  He spent many afternoons and evenings with the car, listening to it, tinkering with it and doing what needed to be done.  He enjoyed the time and soon the car was running really well.  He was so excited when the title was signed over to him and the car was legally his.  He drove it everywhere and was very good to keep every little need taken care of quickly.  But soon he got busy and neglected the car a bit here and there.  The car started to be less reliable for him and he was frustrated with it.  One day he needed to be at an important meeting and the car wouldn’t start at all.  He was very upset.  He opened the hood and took a look inside the car.  He noticed it needed many small things fixed, but nothing that would make the car not start.  He tried to start it again, and noticed that the gas tank was empty.  The poor car had no gas, and needed many repairs.  He felt bad that he had neglected his car so much and decided to change his ways.  He started to take care of the routine maintenance and fix the things that were wearing out.  That car ended up lasting him his lifetime and he was happy with it.  All because he did the maintenance required.



I wrote these because I was thinking about how frequently I neglect the relationships that I value the most.  The most beautiful blooms are the ones that need constant attention.  How I need to remember to be faithful and consistent.  And I think our men need gentle reminders too, lol!