Yesterday was my son’s birthday.  My Noah is now 8.  He was such a sweetheart yesterday, even when things didn’t go just right, he was a happy little guy.  He enjoyed every little thing he was given and shared cheerfully with his brothers and sisters.

And even when his brand new birthday toy was dropped and a piece broke off, he was still sweet and didn’t get upset.  He is such a darling boy.


The children had a great day, and I got some things done around the house.  I got the lawn mowed, it really needed it.  For some reason on the side of the house it grows really tall, it was about a foot high!  But not in the front where folks can see it, lol.  I also got half of my upper kitchen cabinets organized and cleaned.  They look so much better.


Today, I have a really long to-do list.  It’s days like today that I can’t look around me at all.  I have to keep my eyes straight ahead on my goal, or I will be crumpled on the floor in a heap of discouragement.  But God is so good, to give me the strength I need to get through these busy days.


Last night I found out I made a bank error and forgot to write in some tires I bought for $399.  Boy was it painful to discover that mistake.  But I am rejoicing because if I had not discovered it until Friday, then the pain would have been so much greater, lol!  God is good and He got us through that tiny financial crisis. 


I just can’t say it enough, "God is so good!"  It is so true.