There are lots of things I wonder about.  Such as:

  • Why the people that get twins and triplets, usually never really wanted them and aren’t looking forward to them.  (of course there are exceptions)
  • Do big trucks that they use to haul gravel and dirt have solid tires?  To me they look like they do.  (this one got me during a recent drive through one of the many constructions zones in our area)
  • Do birds grieve when their eggs are cracked and die?
  • Why the food that is good for our bodies, isn’t the super yummy food I want to eat.
  • Why my monthy period can’t stay a "period" instead of occassionally changing into a question mark when it’s late for no apparent reason.
  • Why does it get hard to stick to a diet, when it’s so easy at first?
  • And why is the grass in the neighbors yard greener anyway?  Why do we even bother to look if it is just going to drive us nuts?
  • Why do people hold on so tight to money when it is like water seeping through fingers, you can’t truly keep it.  And it isn’t important anyway eternally.
  • Why do I waste time getting frustrated about things I think I want to do, instead of just enjoying all the things I have to do?
  • How come some folks have their acts together and I am still trying to find mine?
  • How come some places get mostly snails and other places get slugs?
  • What is so terrifying about fog anyway?  I think it’s beautiful.
  • How come scarring on the trunk of a tree from growth is beautiful.  But the same scarring from growth in our bodies we consider ugly?
  • What’s wrong with stretch marks and wrinkles anyway?
  • And what is so bad about a little cellulite?
  • Who decides the standard of beauty anyway?  Obviously God should.

So, what do you wonder about?