This weekend has been so busy.  First on Friday, we all went into town and bought the lumber to finish our fence.  Then we picked up dh’s car that was being fixed, yay!  Then we came home and did yard work and put up the fence.


Then I spent the evening sewing.  I didn’t finish what I needed to though.  But at least I got further along.


Then today I spent helping out family with a yard sale.  That was fun, and exhausting.  I moved so much stuff, I couldn’t believe one family could have so much.  My whole body aches, am I out of shape or what?  After I left the yard sale, I had to do our grocery shopping for two weeks.  Now, if you have several children, you know that you don’t just run to the store for a few things.  You get a LOT.  And I did.  And now I am really tired.

And I have to go back tomorrow and help some more!


On the drive in I saw something really beautiful and really sad too.  It was two lone geese flying together.  I found it incredibly beautiful, because of the loyalty that geese have for each other.  I also found it sad too, because they were alone and life is so much harder for them without the flock.


Hmmm, same is true for us.  Life is so much harder without our family, when we are going it alone.  Life is also so much harder when we are going it alone without the support of our church family. 


Well those are all my thoughts for tonight.