My Moses is 10 today.  His daddy got him up first thing this morning so he could open his gifts before he left for work.  Isn’t that sweet?  He didn’t want him to have to wait all day for them.  His main gift is Moon Shoes, and he is really excited.  But the poor kid will still have to wait for Dad, because I am not strong enough to put them together, lol.


I am baking filled cupcakes today using this filling recipe.  I have never tried it, so I hope it turns out good.  Then I will frost them and let the children decorate their own with my stash of decorations.  I thought they would have more fun with that.


We will be going to the park today and for dinner we will get sub sandwiches as a treat.  Of course I can’t have any because I am pregnant.  But that is okay, I will just eat my new favorite food……mashed potatoes with butter.


It is so funny how when you are pregnant what you want to eat changes.  The cupcakes don’t even sound good to me right now.  I hope sweets continue to sound yucky through this whole pregnancy, it will make it much easier to not gain tons of weight.