I seem to be super crabby today.  I am barking out orders left and right, and don’t know how to stop myself.  Partly it’s because the house is a bit out of control and I get to feeling overwhelmed when that happens.  And partly I am just plain tired and honestly don’t want to do the work involved in getting it back in order.


And I went to sit down and work on my crochet project, my hook was missing!  Somebody, that isn’t coming forward took my hook.  So now until my hook is found I can’t do my project.  Talk about frustrating.


You know the bummer thing about being crabby, other than feeling rotten about your behavior?  It’s really hard to get your children to be on your team.  To do your bidding cheerfully.  And that makes everything worse, because then you have to discipline more for grumbling etc. 


A cheerful heart is really good medicine.  I’ll be praying, that mine returns quickly.