I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and I am feeling really good.  I don’t have any morning sickness and usually it has arrived if it is going to.  I really hope I am spared it this time.  I do however have some pregnancy symptoms.  I have a tender bosom, and increased appetite even though NOTHING sounds good to eat, I am exhausted, and I go to the bathroom a whole heaping lot now, lol.  Oh I also have those sharp little twinges on the sides of my abdomen sometimes, and my ab area feels "full".


But other than those very mild and easy symptoms I wouldn’t even feel pregnant at all.  I am liking this pregnancy so far, lol.


I am still uneasy about the viability of this pregnancy, still having to ask the Lord for peace multiple times a day.  The last baby died at 6 weeks and I had spotting then that stopped.  So I think after the 6 week mark I will feel a bit more confident.  I don’t see the doctor until I am about 10 weeks along, and that seems like soooo far away. 


God is so good though.  To let me carry this child, for no matter how long is such a blessing.  I want to treasure every moment of it.