Right now I am trying to put myself on the Brewer’s diet.  This is really hard for me because I calls for some veggies and fruits to actually be eaten.  And a whole quart of milk a day.  Gag.  So, I am trying to be creative in my food choices and preparation methods to make this doable for me.  This past weekend I had cake, but other than that I am doing okay.  I have resisted the urge to make gooey frosted fudge brownies today, even though I crave them like crazy.  Along with a greasy burrito from a local burrito place.  But no, I won’t do it.  I will eat our healthy bean soup for dinner and I have forced myself to eat some fruit today and even, gasp, a salad.


Right now I am gagging on, oops I mean enjoying, some baby carrots.  Unfortunately that is the only yellow/orange veggie I like besides corn.  And I already ate all that up this past weekend.  So by the time this baby is born I will be very sick of carrots I think.  And honestly I don’t think I will buy baby carrots again, they seem to have a really icky smell and taste.  I am going to just go the old fashioned way from here on out I think.


I still have yet to choke down the required two eggs today, and have no idea how I will fit them in my stomach.  I mean how on earth am I suppossed to eat so much food, if it isn’t cookies, candy or cake.  Or potato chips?  I mean this diet doesn’t even include those things, not one category for daily junk food intake!  What have I gotten myself into???


I told my husband today on the phone that pregnancy just isn’t as much fun when you can’t eat everything you crave, lol!  


I think that is more than enough whining for today.  How do you like this a whole entry about………nothing.