Babies can’t be spoiled.  Do you agree with that statement?  I don’t.  I believe they can be spoiled and are most of the time.  Does that mean I don’t spoil my babies?  No, I am so tenderhearted, the I seem to do it every time.  But I know I’m doing it. 


You see, if you pick up a baby every time he/she cries, you train them to come when they cry.  It doesn’t take long for the smart little darlings to realize that they can cry when they are bored, and mommy will come and get them.  If you carry baby around nonstop, then baby comes to expect it and fusses and complains when you aren’t able to carry him or her.  Clearly they have discovered how they want to be treated, and they know how to get it.


Now, the experts are the ones that say that you can’t spoil a baby.  But, those same experts also talk about a stage called the "terrible twos".  Is it just me, or are the terrible twos just a product of the training baby has recieved up to that point?  I mean if you train your baby to be selfish and the world revolves around him, then it’s completely natural that he is going to resist you telling him otherwise when he is older.


Now, don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t carry your baby or play with them.  And of course meet all their needs.  But it is our responsibility as parents to discern needs from wants and train our babies accordingly.  And lest you think I am some mean mommy that puts baby on my schedule rigidly, I am not.  I feed on demand for the early months and then work it into a routine as they get older.  I am very protective of my babies, and hover over them, snuggle them and love them lots.  But I also will let baby cry if baby is just angry because I won’t do what baby wants.  I don’t always just drop whatever I’m doing and amuse baby (besides, with lots of siblings I rarely have to do that anyway).  Baby needs to learn that we all fit into the family and we are all part of it.  The worst thing we can do it train our baby to think the world revolves around them.


If we do that, then we are in for more than the terrible twos, but the threes, fours and teens too.


So let’s love our babies, but with wisdom.  God gave babies parents because we know what they need, it’s not the other way around.