Today I cut out and sewed (that word does not look right, lol), 3 pairs of shorts for my girls.  I made them out of some really cute Strawberry Shortcake seersucker.  I have enough for 3 more pairs and hopefully some cute hair bandanas to match.


Then I need to make them each two more pairs from some cute blue star fabric I bought.  I would like to buy more fabric in a different print too, so they each have 6 pairs of shorts.


Then I need to get the boys shorts made.


I wanted to do more sewing this weekend, but yesterday was taken up with working on the cooler with dh, and then I was to tired to even think about sewing. 


Today I have started to bleed a bit.  I have been praying that it would start and I would pass everything quickly while David is home with me today.  We live 40 miles from the closest hospital, and he works 40 miles away, so I would prefer to not do this while David is at work.  But the Lord knows best, and if He doesn’t grant my desire to miscarry today, then I trust Him for whatever His purpose is.  But because I have started bleeding, I haven’t been sewing quite as energetically as I otherwise would have.


My girls look so adorable in their new matching shorts.  They have no coordinating shirts though, lol!  I will have to buy them some this weekend so they can look put together.


Well, I had better give some thought to what I am making for dinner. 


You all have a lovely day,