Today my bleeding has begun to increase, and I am getting more painful cramps.  My poor daughter had to tell me something 3 times before I could understand what she was saying during one that was particularly painful.  I have been praying that I pass everything today or tomorrow at the latest, so the healing can begin.  Also, my 4 year old daughter needs to go to the pediatrician on Friday, and it’s 40 miles away one way.  I need to be able to take her to that appointment.


My boys, wanted me to make them some shorts so badly, that I started theirs today.  I can only make each of them one pair, because I could only afford so much fabric when I bought it, lol!  So because they were feeling left out, I started them.  I finished one pair, and I have two pairs cut out that just need to be sewn up.


I have also been keeping busy today with catching myself up on the laundry.  I put away four loads that were washed and waiting.  And I have gotten 4 more done today that I need to get up and put away.  That leaves 3 more and I am caught up.  I am really rethinking my laundry system too.


I think I’m going to try having the children put their clothes in the washer each night, separating out only the whites.  Then I will just set the timer and in the morning toss them in the dryer.  Then when I have a load of whites, I will run them and I should be able to keep up on the laundry without piles all over the place.  Now, I wonder how hard it will be to train the children to do this?


If you have been reading and praying for me.  Thank you, I really appreciate it.  And if you wouldn’t mind praying that I pass everything safely and completely today and tomorrow morning I would really be thankful.  The Lord has been so good to me through this whole sad time.  He is an incredible God!