I started thinking about how I would continue my weight loss journey, and I really did not want to do a structured program again.  I felt like I really needed to find something that would work permanently and would feel natural and be easy.  Sounds like a lot to ask right?  Well, it looks like I found it. 


I have only been eating when I am really hungry, tummy growl hungry.  And I am not nearly as hungry as I thought I would be.  I have discovered that I have been eating for the most part because I am bored, trying to get energy, stressed, or it just happens to be mealtime.  None of those are reasons to eat, lol.  So now I am trying to recognize my body’s hunger signals.  And also to recognize my body’s fullness signals.  And I am also not eating when what I am preparing doesn’t sound yummy.  I usually like tacos, but some days it just sounds icky to me.  When that happens, I am skipping the meal, not eating it anyway, or preparing something else.  When I am completely recovered from my miscarriage, and my weight loss slows, I will add my exercise program back in.  But for now I haven’t been exercising.


These are all things I did when I was a thin young woman weighing only 110 pounds for my 5’7".  That is just how I lived.  I didn’t feel starved, and I ate whatever I wanted.  If I was hungry and a donut sounded good for lunch, that is what I ate (terrible lunch, hope I’ve grown past that).  But I might not have wanted dinner.  Or the next day I might not have been as hungry.  In the week and a half that I have started doing this I have lost 4 pounds.  Yay!  I set a goal of losing 10 pounds during the summer season, and I only have 6 more to go to reach that goal.  That feels really good.  I would love to reach that plus some extra.  But I am not really worried about losing weight quickly.  A slow and steady loss for me would be just fine. 


And I want to get to my natural weight.  Not some super skinny goal weight that I picture in my head as being acceptable.  Sure I would love to be skinny, who wouldn’t?  But I would much prefer to be at my healthy natural weight.  If I am striving to be to skinny, I will always have to work to stay that way.  If I am at my natural healthy weight, then I won’t have to work to maintain it.  I will just naturally fall into that weight.


So although at the top of my blog I have a ticker showing my goal of losing 42 pounds.  I really don’t know if I will end up at that 135, or end up being 150 or even less.  I may end up closer to the 110 I used to be, but with several extra pounds because I am just a bit older.


So, if you have tried every diet and can’t stand feeling restricted, I highly recommend this method.  I honestly believe it will put me into a healthy weight range without all the hassle of counting every single thing I eat.