I have an interesting method of housecleaning. 


First I start cleaning in one room.  I find something interesting and immediately go and either put it away or start using it.  If I put it away, I tend to find something to clean up in the room I put it away in, which causes me to forget the project I was working on.  If I start using it, well, that causes me to forget what I was working on too.


Also, I will get an interruption by one of my children and completely and totally forget what I was working on.  I bet you can imagine what my home looks like right now.  It’s  a jumble of half finished projects and partially cleaned rooms.


My method isn’t working.


So, I reworked my method with a lovely schedule.  I assigned cleaning jobs to certain days and times.  This will allow me to know what needs to be done and to not go off on my rabbit trails nearly so often.  I think it will work nicely. 


Now, I have written many schedules before, but I never really have followed them very well.  I almost have seemed to resent them.  But my current one is a work of art.  It’s beautiful.  I respect this schedule.  And the Lord has really been dealing with me about being faithful with my time and talents.  Not that cleaning is really a talent of mine.  But it must become an aquired talent.


So, I have a new goal.  My new goal is to be faithful, and stick to my plan.  I also have the goal of having a home that anyone can drop in and see me in and I won’t want to crawl under a rock from embarrassment.


I know I can do it.  When I had three less children, I did do it.  I kept a reasonably clean home.  But somewhere along the way I gave up.  I lost hope. 


I am not going to give up anymore.  You know why?  Because my God says that I can do all things through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:13).  And He also says that when I grow weary I will run (Isaiah 40:31).  And I believe what my God says.