Today is day 22.  Of what, you say?  Of our new school year!  We have just completed day 22 of our new school year.  Boy does it feel good to have that many days under our belt already, lol.  And it is going better this year.  My goal this year is to be faithful.  That is this years school theme for me.  And so far it is working.


I went ahead and planned the entire year’s lessons (in pencil of course), so now each week I just have to quickly do any prep work like making copies etc.  I don’t have to plan the lessons.  It has made my life so much easier.  It feels so good to see actual progress this year already!


And I feel so much better organized this year.  My planner has been such a help to me.  In it I have everything I need to keep our home running smoothly.  It has been such a blessing for me.


I had in the past given you a glimpse into my devotional binder.  I had to revise and expand it out of necessity.  You see, my pda was accidentally stepped on, destroying the screen.  Upon research into the warranty, which coincidentally just expired, and the cost of repairs, I discovered it wasn’t going to be repaired.  It cost as much to fix it as to buy new.  And my bank balance being what it is, I wasn’t getting a new one.  So on to plan B.  Plan B has turned out really well.  I moved my devotional binder into an old zipper planner binder I had.  I added several tabs for the rest of my life.  And now everything is in one place, which makes me feel much better organized.  Isn’t it amazing how the Lord can turn all things into good?


We have been starting slowly getting into the routine of school this year gradually.  So this week has been our first week with science and history added in.  This year we are using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Botany for science.  And we are using The Mystery of History V.1 for history.  I am so excited and the children and I have really enjoyed it so far.  Another new thing I am doing this year is approaching Bible in a more relaxed way.  I bought a One Year Bible and we are just reading it daily, pausing and discussing as we read.  It has been really great.  And the children really enjoyed hearing mommy trying to pronounce all those names this morning.  Yes Bible can be fun, lol!


So, this is day 22 of our new school year.  And I am really encouraged and I think this will be our best school year yet.