I made my own planner.  I had been using a pda, which I loved.  But it didn't work out, so I am back to paper and pencil.  I do like my new homemade planner though.


First I started with an inexpensive 3 ring planner binder from Walmart, in the classic size.  I got it home and removed the contents of it, those premade planner pages never work for me.  Then I sat myself down with a notepad and wrote down exactly what sections I would need in this planner.  This is what I came up with:


-Calendar.  What would a planner be without a calendar.


-Phone directory.  Of course we need to have those handy.


-Weight loss.  I want to have easy access to my progress and food diary.


-School.  For lesson plans, notes and future curriculum needs.


-Chore schedule.  This is where my MOTH schedule is, along with my daily chores.


-Notes.  My itemized shopping list goes here, along with any important info I may need.


-Projects and ideas.  This is where I can list my current projects and any ideas for new ones.


-Daily Bible.  This is where I can put any notes from my daily Bible reading.


-Prayer requests.  This is where any prayer requests get written down.


-Family Health.  I'm still working on this one.


-Book Study.  This is where I put any notes from whatever book study I am doing.


-Study notes.  This is where I can write any notes I have about any Bible study I might be doing.  Or sermon notes.


-Blog entries.  This is so I can write down blog ideas, or a blog entry if inspiration hits while away from the computer, lol.


-Occassions.  This if for birthday gift ideas, my Christmas gift and card list and menu ideas for holidays.


In the front of all the tabs I have blank paper to keep a running to do list. 


Aside from all of the information inside the binder.  I also have a couple of unique things with this binder.  The inside of my binder has slots for cards etc., so all of my important cards are inside ready to use.  Plus my cash envelope system is inside there, so when shopping everything is in one place and ready.  My binder includes a separate zipper compartment.  This compartment looks like another binder on the back of my planner, but it is just an open section.  Like an accordian file, except with only two sections and a zipper pocket in between them that zips closed.  Inside this compartment I keep my checkbook registers that I have designed, our checkbook, bills, stamps, highlighters, award certificates for the children from the Dollar Tree.  Basically the “extras”.  Now when I need to pay the bills, I just grab my planner and everything I need is right there.  When it is time for me to do lessons with the children, or read the Bible, I just grab my planner.  If I need to run to the store, I just grab my planner.


Life just seems so much simpler now that I have everything combined in one place.  It has been well worth the effort.  I don't feel pulled in 8 different directions anymore having to grab a file for the bills, a lesson planner, a devotional binder, a wallet.  I only have one thing to keep track of, it has made life so much simpler.


So, if you are feeling frazzled, perhaps this idea would help you.  It has really helped me.