This weekend I went to Costco.  It was fun and crowded as Costco almost always is.  I spent more than I should have, but then Costco does that to me a lot of times so I am kind of used to it.  I bought 10 gallons of milk there.  We usually drink at least 12 gallons every two weeks, but I had some left in the freezer, so I only bought 10.  This will be enough.  As I was making out my shopping list this time I realized that I needed or should I say wanted some file boxes for the children’s individual school books.  But I quickly added up how much it would cost, $20-30.  Nope, out of the question this paycheck, because I knew I needed a new skillet for cooking.  Our family has more than outgrown our small 8" saute pan.  Hmmm, what could I do to get both?  This is where creativity becomes nessessary if you have a large family and moderate income.


Hmmm, let me think.  Ah-ha!  Costco milk is sold 2 gallons packaged in a cardboard box.  There are my file boxes!  But wait, plain cardboard isn’t real strong, and with milk printed on the sides, it’s kind of ugly.  What to do, what to do.  This is where duct tape comes in.  I bought a roll of white duct tape and covered the outside of the boxes.  Pretty white file boxes for only the price of a roll of duct tape!  The roll only covered half the boxes so I rummaged around the house until I found our household roll or plain old silver duct tape.  Not as pretty, but it’s actually cheaper than the white roll, it has more on it.  So, I finished up my file boxes in silver.  The girls boxes are white and the boys boxes are more manly silver, lol!

Duct tape and ingenuity to the rescue!


Duct tape has lots of used though.  My son used it to fix one of his noodles that he uses in the pool.  One of our metal chairs in the school room is coming apart, so we put it back together with duct tape.  It’s good stuff, lol!


I am the first to admit that duct tape is not classy.  And in a perfect world, I would buy the file boxes, toss the noodle and get a new one, and replace the chair in the school room.  But this world is never going to be perfect, and maybe it’s not so wise to just toss things that have a bit of life left in them anyway.


Do I feel poor because I had to pick between a pan or file boxes for school?  Not at all, I got to have an adventure figuring out how to meet both needs.  And adventures are always fun.