It’s that wonderful time of the year when we need to start planning and thinking of the upcoming holidays.  I have actually been thinking and planning since July and I’m making a little progress.  I love this time of year, but it can be very stressful if you aren’t prepared, and sometimes even if you are.


Right now I’m taking all of my lists and notes that I have jotted down in my planner and transferring the information onto actual organized forms.  I want to track my spending, and gift ideas etc.  I did this last year and it made a big difference.


Considering this, I think it’s time to get my holiday notebook up and running.  My first step is where to put the pages.  I have decided to put all the pages right inside my current planner.  If I were planning parties, and many different events I would create a whole separate binder just for holiday planning.  But since we keep our holiday celebrations pretty low key, I will just add the pages to my current planner. 


A wonderful website for organizing your holidays is .  They have a whole 6 week plan to walk you through the holidays, its pretty neat.  I think it starts October 22.  But being the free spirit that I am, I design my own pages and follow my own schedule.  I take my ideas for pages from there though.  The first pages I will create are pages for gift giving.  I will make a master gift list to write out all the gifts I want to give and check them off as I buy/make them.  The second page I will make is one for Christmas projects I will make, listing supplies needed, notes and an estimated cost.  After making those pages, I will move forward with our holiday menus and I will print out the recipes, shopping list etc and add them.  These will be my first steps for my holiday planner.


Perhaps my first step should be figuring out my holiday budget, lol.  But that will be my next step.  I will eliminate things I’ve written on my list and substitute others that will fit my budget easier.  But for me, writing my gift idea list first allows my creativity to flow.  Writing my budget first, seems to stunt my creativity, lol.